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Default Re: Oops forgot to pack - funny stories

I am not the packer in our family, so I generally forget nothing.

Quoting for an article I wrote about packing....
"packing in our home is like our sex life. I lay it on the bed and let Mrs. Kuki deal with it".

The exception.... The one and only time I cruised without Mrs. Kuki she had me organized and packed. One small suitcase/carry on for my prestay in Miami, and a larger suitcase I wouldn't need to open until I was on the ship. I had only one carry the keys to the suitcases.
Had a wonderful pre night stay in Miami, and boarded the ship the next morning. When my 1 remaining suitcase was delivered to the cabin, I went to unpack, and wouldn't you know it.. couldn't find the key. I had obviously left the keys in my Miami hotel room.
The phone call to the purser's desk went something like...
Hi, this is the first moron of the cruise calling ........

Kuki.. who now takes insurance with him (Mrs. Kuki)
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