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Default Re: "How" to pack Husband's Suit and My Formal Dre


I have the BEST techniques to packing!!! ROLL,ROLL,ROLL!!!! with at least YOUR formal...flatten out the dress with as least wrinkles as possible and rool carefully...then if you want to keep the beads or sequence secure from being broken off by other clothing...simply place the compacted rolled dress or dresses in a ziplock baggie. for any other piece of clothing this is a great way to pack. I went to hawaii for 12 days and took 25 shirts and 12 pairs of pants/short plus 10 pairs of shoes AND my bathroom stuff and a deflated rolling all my is a great space saver!! And if you want to keep them from unrolling (which really isn't a big problem) tie some string or ribbon around the pieces. Good luck..and don't pull your hair out!!
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