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Default Re: Re: Alaska formal nights

MJ - This is a bit late of a reply to an earlier post but in case you're still looking for a pashmina here's a
website you might want to check out:
I ordered a shawl (it's big!) about 10 days ago. It arrived today and I love it. I can hardly wait to wear it in Alaska
in 2 1/2 weeks! The on-line service was really good too. I got a couple of confirmation emails advising me on the
status of my order, another note the day it was shipped from Nepal and a nice card in the package with the shawl.
You also get a bonus Oriental-looking cloth bag that the pashmina comes wrapped in and another tiny bag with a pair of
earings which were nice too. I don't order much on-line but was really impressed with this company. Hopefully
I'll still feel the same when I get my credit card bill showing the exchange rate for my poor Canadian dollar! Even with
that though I still think I got a deal after pricing the shawls locally. (The ones for about the same price here are half the size.)
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