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Default Re: Infinity Wine prices??

I just happen to have a Celebrity wine list here. The least expensive is $18 for some kind of rose'.

You'll find most wines in the $25-$40 range but you can spend a lot more.

Wines by the glass range from $4.50 to $14.

You can spend a LOT more on wine by the glass in the Normandie restaurant if you choose the recommended wine with each course. (Don't miss the goat cheese souffle!)

If you don't finish a bottle at a meal, your waiter or the sommelier will put it "back" for you to drink at another meal. A couple of times we've carried an unfished bottle and our glasses to a lounge. I don't know if this is "allowed" or not, but we've done it.

Also, I usually prefer white and my husband prefers red. If I'm having fish and he's having beef we will order a bottle of each and put the leftovers back in the cellar.

You can also take your own wines if you wish and pay a corkage fee. We paid $6 on Summit in May, but I've heard it's gone up.

Salud !

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