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Not to butt in here but, how about jeans for the Personel Choice dinning?

There has been a fair amount of confusion between Princess's "Personal Choice Dining" program and Norwegian Cruise Line's "Freestyle Dining" program. Norwegian Cruilse Line now advertises "Formal Optional" evenings. On Princess, however, "Formal Night" is still FORMAL -- and that means "throughout the ship" according to the daily "Princess Patter" delivered to my cabin on each of my last three cruises.

There's also some confusion of terminology, so I'll take this opportunity to reiterate the terminology that Princess has officially adopted.

>> "Traditional Dining" means that a dining room offers two seatings, nominally at 6:00 and at 8:15, with preassigned tables for dinner that continue throughout the whole cruise.

>> "Anytime Dining" means that a dining room offers open seating for dinner so passengers may dine when they wish, either with or without reservations, like a restaurant ashore.

>> "Personal Choice Dining" means that a ship has at least one dining room with "Traditional Dining" and at least one dining room with "Anytime Dining" so passengers may choose either arrangement.

Princess offers "Personal Choice Dining" (that is, a choice of either "Traditional Dining" or "Anytime Dining") aboard MV Sun Princess, MV Dawn Princess, MV Sea Princess, MV [i] Ocean Princess, MV Grand Princess, MV Golden Princess, and MV Star Princess, and will offer "Personal Choice Dining" aboard MV Coral Princess, MV Island Princess, MV Diamond Princess, MV Sapphire Princess. and MV Crown Princess when these vessels join the Princess fleet.

The older vessels of the Princess fleet, MV [i] Pacific Princess, MV Royal Princess, and MV Regal Princess, have only "Traditional Dining." MV Tahian Princess (formerly MV R4 of Renaissance Cruises) and new MV Pacific Princess (formerly MV R3 of Renaissance Cruises) will offer only "Traditional Dining" when they join the Princess fleet. These vesses cannot accommodate "Personal Choice Dining" because they have only one main dining room.

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