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Default Re: Shoes for Shore Excursions

The totally ugly pair that I have can be observed on my personal website, <> under the "ruined cruise" topic.

Just look at the picture in the limo. (Ignore the glass of champagne and the cigarette.)

They are black suede, have two straps across the instep and a strap behind the heel. All the straps are adjustable with Velcro. Very useful when your feet swell. The soles are cork.

I think I paid about $125 for them. Worth every penny. In chillier climates, just wear them with socks. It looks pretty strange, but I am too old to care.

I don't know if they make them for men or not.

the important part is the adjustibility.

JOIL: Thanks for the kind words. Stand back. The next one is coming down the ways. Maybe I will cover sandals this time.

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