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Default Re: Celebrity Millenium Wear...Help!

HI SS16,
For during the day you can wear regular resort wear, shorts, t-shirts, etc. Just follow the evening dress code for the dinner. You will find 2 formals, usually the 2nd nite out and the next to the last. Then there will be one semi-formal and the rest casual. The first "formal" is usually a little more formal than the 2nd one, so keep that in mind. You can wear shorts in the dining room for breakfast and lunch, just no swim suits, unless you have a cover up. I simply put on shorts over my suit to go in for lunch if I'm going back outside after.

The semi-formal attire, would be a nice dress or pants suit, where the formal is just that, nice cocktail dresses. The casual, you can wear a sun-dress, pants. The men will need a dark suit or tux for formal and a sports coat for the semi. For the "casual" nights docker type pants and a polo shirt, with a collar will be fine.

Have fun!


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