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We pack our liquor in "plastic travel bottles" in the bags which we intend to check, as
apposed to our "carry on" luggage. We generally pack three: gin, vodka, & bourbon
as you can buy these at your "friendly package store" before leaving home. This
amount normally lasts us through the cruise as it is primarily for "cabin use" only.
DO NOT OPEN these bottles before packing. The "tax" seals must be intack for them
to get thru airline x-rays. For addit'l protection, place them in "sealed baggies" in case
they should happen to leak. Thus far, this has worked for us.

RCCL has luggage scanning equipment at the ship boarding area which every bag
is sent through. They have a sign posted that states they will take all liquor and return
it to you at the end of the cruise.

I have seen people take liquor on board, some of it picked up, some not. Pay your money and take your chances. Now, I just read that Carnival (never cruised on them,
and don't plan to) is now taking up soft drinks and water!!!! if you try to take them on
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