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Default Re: Re: Shoes for Shore Excursions

I totally agree with Tevas. They are the best! I remember about 5 years ago, going to Disney World with my co-workers and I had a pair of strapped flip flop-type sandals. I have never had such foot pain in my life!! I ended up buying a pair of Keds with Mickey on the side, but my feet were already ruined and then, of course, the new shoes made their own blisters.

I bought my Tevas several years ago (after the Disney trip) and I swear they still look new. They were $65, but you can find them on sale at times. I can get them wet, and they won't pick up an odor, since they are open, your feet don't sweat, and they are easily removable (I just generally hate wearing shoes--well, my feet seem claustrophobic in confining shoes). And, every time you put them on they get adjusted to the tightness that you want....depending on feet swelling, etc.

I would swear by them and recommend them. No, they are not the most attractive shoes in the world, but when someone with nice, pretty shoes is wincing from pain, they look longingly at my painless Tevas!!
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