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hi 2 cute -
we r just back from our 1st cruise... we were on Carnival... not sure which line u r going with ! But, casual is the way to go... capris, sundresses, dockers for guys... it was very hot in port... we wore our swimsuits with cover ups all thru town... hubby & son had swimsuits with tshirts... we did see people in shorts in the dining room ! Several people actually... didnt seem to bother anyone ! I agree with you that a vacation is not about getting "decked out" ... its about relaxing.... casually.... have a great time... I missed our entire 2nd day as I was deathly sea sick... I recommend getting the patch or the very minimum the sea bands... I had minor side effects with the patch... dry mouth & blurry vision... but Id rather be blurry than the other alternative... I felt MUCH better after it kicked in !!

Have a great voyage !
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