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Default Re: What are the things you wish you brought?

just bought a small, zippered bag w/ elastic straps for our perscription meds-seems alot better than having to rummage through the room safe for the right bottle.

ditto on the bubble wrap-i just buy a couple of rolls and pack them w/some sturdy tape.

laundry tabs-the boxes come w/prewrapped packages of the tabs (less messy than a ziplock bag that breaks open mid trip!

double ditto on the over the door shoe holder-done this on both cruises as well as hotel vacations-saves so much time not to mention counter space.

labels preaddressed for mailing postcards (don't have to bring along my address book)-works esp. well for the kids.

inflatable "water wings" for the little ones-most liners don't carry due to liability issues.

I am considering investing in a small portable dvd player for next trip-I can use a cd carrier for the dvd's & this could provide some quiet entertainment for kids.

sarong-use it as a skirt, bathing suit cover, shawl....
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