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Default Re: Re: What are the things you wish you brought?

we did decorate for our Halloween Disney Cruise a couple of years back but I made the mistake of including some spare trick or treat bags on the door. Someone kindly filled every one to the brim with candy-my kids were thrilled, we were not and kept leaving handfulls of candy everywhere we went (hey, I'm no Grinch but there are only so many sweettarts the human body can safely consume).

I forgot to include in my earlier post-

KEEP COOL or MIGRANE ICE patches (esp. for those of you crazy, I'm sorry "adventurous" enough to go to places of intense heat and humidity at the peak of the summer)-these are adhesive patches that are use to lower a child's fever or assist in minimize a migrane. I use these regularly when we are at outdoor events to assist in staying cool-I just put one on the nape of my neck and below the neckline of my shirt. The difference is amazing.

HEAT PATCHES-these are similar but have the opposite affect. If like myself, you have any back problems (that always flare up post airline flights, luggage lugging, kid chasing...) these can provide tremendous relief.
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