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Default What to pack?

My family and I are taking a cruise the end of June. Celebrity cruises...the Century. It is for my mother-in-laws 65th birthday so along with my husband, myself and our two girls will be my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister in laws, brothers in law, and their kids!!! Now if we were taking a cruise alone dress wouldn't be a problem, but since my mother in law wants everyone together , every night, for 6:00 dinner in the dining room, for 7 nights, I'm at a loss as what to bring!!! Do we dress up every night? Are some of the dinners in the dining room formal (i.e. long dresses, tuxes etc.) and are they manditory? We are a very casual family, we live in Florida so most of our wardrobe consists of t-shirts and shorts. Does this cruise mean we need a whole new wardrobe? What about the kids how dressy do they need to get...they are 10 and 6.? I would welcome anyone with some REALISTIC advice. This is turning into more work than fun we only wanted to get away and relax. Thanks!!!
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