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Mary Lou Piscopo
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Default Re: What are the things you wish you brought?

The things I won't travel without:

ice bag - for bruises, sprains, etc.
lots of plastic zip lock bags
old underwear (don't laugh - I save mine when they start to fray and then throw them
away during travel - leaves room for buying stuff
Clothes that I don't want anymore - same reason as above
lesport sac "wallet" = small (6" x 4") with 3 zippers (holds money, travelers checks,
passports, coins, a pen with out the bulk of a regular wallet
extension cord - outlets always out of reach
bathroom light to plug in
pictures of my kids and grandkids
labels with addresses ready for postcards
books to read, paperback
index cards to write what you do each day to transpose into journal
before I had a digital camera, I used to put a small square label on my rolls of film
which I would # after each roll was finished, so my pictures were in order after
developing. After a while, one mountain looks like all the rest.
On our Baltic cruise in Aug, I'm taking 2 inexpensive fold up coolers to bring lunch for
long days touring with private guides. Saves time not having to stop for lunch, also
keeps water cool.
extra luggage tags in case one falls off during travel, or if you have to buy an extra to
hold all the shopping
guide books, maps (I tear out the pages of specific places I'm going so I don't need
the entire book.

There may be more things, but I'm out of time.

Good traveling everyone

Mary Lou
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