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Default Re: How do you pack a men's suit?

I just purchased ($99 at the Luggage Outlet) a 29" suitcase that has a zippered compartment at the tip (inside the lid) spec. for holding suits (an added advantage is that there is another zippered portion on the bottem for packing wet or soiled items separatly from the main packing space-I won't be packing a suit though, we have done the tux packages for my husband on our last 2 cruises and it has been so much easier-everything is waiting for us in the stateroom closet when we arrive.

With regards to wine-wrap it in bubble wrap and put in in between layers of clothing in your suitcase to prevent breakage (you can recycle the bubble wrap for fragile souvineers)-as far as soda goes, I would also suggest you buy it in port rather than having to travel with it. So many of the stores now carry the airline size 6 packs that would be great as far as minimizing space in the little stateroom fridges-I am packing several to take on a camping trip this weekend (less waste as well).

happy cruising!
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