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Default Re: Clothes for Alaska in September

hi beth

i went to alaska last sept on the carnival spirit. i dressed up for the two formal nights and on the other nites i wore a nice pair of black pants with a few different tops and i took a couple of dresses i would wear out to a casual dinner at home. do not stress over dressing for alaska and breaking the bank for this cruise. on ship days i wore some nice comfy sweats and sweaters. for the shore days it was the same attire ( a pair of jeans too ) and a lightweight nylon windbreaker with hood. i was fine and did not need a heavier coat . a turtleneck came in handy if i was on the deck at night. being comfortable is the most important thing. for shoes i had my formal strappy pair, black flats and my comfy tennies. even though i had taken out half of the clothes before i left home i still had too many clothes with me. i will know the next time to cut back even more. have a great time on your trip.

dusty -----have a great cruise
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