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Default Re: Black & Decker Travel Steamer?

I have the B and D travl iron/steamer. I alway use it on the steam settings and it works good. I also had just a normal steamer. It was sold on TV infomericials called the Steamer Iron{or something like that}It worked great but after about 10 yrs if finally died. I liked the idea you could use it on clothes that were still on the hanger. As for having Irons confiscated-I have always taken an iron on our cruises and never had it taken away. . I once asked our cabin steward about my iron and he said I am not souppose to use it but I long as I was careful it was ok. If the cruise ship has a landry/iron room-I usually just use theirs for its easier. Usally the first night on the ship before dinner{we goto the late seating}I take all my clothes that need ironing and iron them . It is usally empty and than I dont have to worry later on about it.

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