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Default My packing "oops" story

This story from our cruise on the Diamond Princess Oct 30th-Nov 6th.

Oddly enough, this time I packed the day we left to go to LA, but I know the routine pretty well. However, we just m ved into a new house in June, so I had to scurry about the closet finding everything.

All went well till the first formal night, when Art (5-foot-9) found out that we packed a pair of my suit pants (me: 6-foot-4) with *his* suit coat.

We made some quick planning, and Art just pulled 'em up to his rib cage and belted himself into the waist. Needless to say, he kept his coat buttoned all night. ... I told him he looked like Fred Mertz. :-) Me bad.

I think I will have a long time before I live this "oops" down.



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