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Default Re: Formal night on RCCL Voyager

UPDATE (as promised):

Got back from cruising on Voyager.
Had a great time - as expected!!

Every night went to the main dining room and observed... :

1. My mom was absolutely right (pls. see my post above)
2. It is really up to you what to wear on formal night (tux or slacks, or..)
3. There are probably some people who care what other people wear - but then, there are always people who are "concerned" for other people more then they should be.
4. Cruiseline certainly does not care much about attire - they care about people having a good time. "Formal" wear is optional... Andre, don't hate me :-)

Now, some funny things I'd like to mention (just an observation):

1. Some ladies in "formal" gowns should probably cover up some more..
2. Some men look better in jeans then other men in formal attire.
3. Some people think that if it's a formal night then you should put on ALL jewelery that you own.
4. Some people never know/care for formal nights. Others love formal nights and make a big deal out of it. It does not matter, really.. it's a free country.
5. Everyone had a good time!

Now a big fan of cruising - Koshka
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