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Default Re: My packing "oops" story

This isn't a cruise packing "oops", but I guess I can tell it...

We got married in Las Vegas in August, and I forgot to pack my white slip to wear under my wedding dress!! My dress was obviously white, and with no slip and a tan, you could see right through it! I was a basket case "What am I gonna do??!!" I mean there was nothing left to the imagination. There was NO WAY I could walk around like that. You could even see the tag on my underwear!!! Of course, my then husband-to-be got a big kick out of the situation, and said "Well, it's Vegas! Anything goes!" which made me start to cry even more. And it didn't help that the limo was already outside waiting. None of the hotel shops, of course, sold undergarments!

Luckily, my sister had given me a white satin ankle length nightgown which I rolled up into my bra and kinda stuffed it there. (My dress was knee length.)She refused to let me cut it because she paid $$$ for it!! Everything went well, other than I had to make sure the nightgown didn't fall out of my bra all night and the photos of me have a big bulge under my dress. ha ha
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