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Default Re: Help - Teenage boys fashion statement!

I don't know how to edit my posts, so I'll just continue (had to leave to get something into the oven)

Is this their first cruise? I ask because my boys were horrified when I took them "cruise shopping" for their first cruise.......they were 11 and 13. I told them we wouldn't be bringing any jeans, jean shorts, basketball shorts or t-shirts. We picked out a nice mix and match assortment of khaki shorts and pants, hawaiian type shirts, etc. (we were fortunate to have dress up clothes for them, as they were in the school band). Anyway, once they got on the cruise, they loved their clothes! They would have never picked out that "style" on their own. They continued to wear their "cruise clothes" when we got home. Of course, they had their other clothes, but every few days, I was able to see nice fitting, neat clothes on them.
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