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Default Re: Jeans in dining room on non-formal night

Most cruise lines will tell you no jeans in the dinning room ,but on all the ships I have been on I have seen jeans on a least 1 or 2 people in the dinning room on nonformal nights. I have even worn them myself. Now these jeans i wear are not your normal everyday ,wear to the store jeans. These were dark jeans {blue or black}that werent distressed in any way and when teamed up w/my dress shoes{ ie:heels}and a nice blouse, looked fine. I call them my dressy jeans. The cruise lines say no jeans for if they didnt you will have some people coming in dressed with jeans that have holes, and/or worn out in places,in other words jeans you might wear to do weekend jobs around the house,paint etc...The "no jeans allow" policy stops that from happening. {usually}.

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