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Default Alaska clothes in late August

I am used to cruising 2 to 3 times a year to a warm climate with my wife. We are no longer together, but I have no intention of giving up cruising.

Since single supplements are just about as expensive as paying for two anyway, I figured I would just pay a little more and take both of my parents with me on their first ever cruise.

Since they both are more comfortable in the cooler seasons, they are not real big on the idea of going to a tropical area. This gives me the excuse to try my first Alaska cruise.

My only problem is that I have no idea what to pack for this cruise going from Seattle to Skagway. All of my experiences relate to the Caribbean and Hawaii. They are going to be asking me what to pack and I am going to look like an idiot who has cruised 10 times and still can't answer this simple sounding question.

Do they have scuba diving, or snorkling, or excursions that get into the ocean at all on cruises to Alaska? Is there any use in packing a swimming suit?

Will I need a jacket, or sweatshirt, or any long-sleeved shirts or pants to stay warm in?
During August, will it be warm enough to wear shorts all day?

As you can see, I am completely clueless about what to expect for this cruise. Please someone help me out with this.

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