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Default Re: Opinion on teenage attire

I just got off the Sapphire cruise and I found that a lot of the passengers dressed up and stayed dressed up. Being a young adult I usually get out of my dress clothes after dinner ,but most stayed dressed up. I have been to Alaska before on Princess and most of the time everyone changed after dinner or did not dress up at all. I usually change after dinner but I felt that I should stay dressed up since everyone else is still dressed up. I saw a lot of people including a few teens wearing nice dress clothes on smart causal nights.
This one girl was always dressed nice during the day so I change into my nice clothes oxford shirt, nice pants, sweater vest, dress shoes and talk to her. She said she likes to dress up on cruise ships. We did a lot of things together and I usually wore my polo shirt and dress pants during the day with her even though I wouldn't if I was not with her.

I don't know why this cruise so many people dressed up? Do you think it was because it was a round trip from Seattle?
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