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Default Re: Jeans in dining room on non-formal night

I am a redneck girl who lives in the desert, so for me, "formal" means jeans that are still their original color and demin is never too warm to wear. I might ruffle some feathers talking like a heretic here, but I don't want to go on a cruise to impress people with how well I dress up. I want to relax, get away from the strenuous job I have, unwind and enjoy myself.

Now I know there are dress codes on the ships and I'm ok with it and will conform, but I really don't feel "elegant" dressing to the 9's because it isn't me, it isn't what I'm about, and I want to enjoy my cruise more than I want to help other people enjoy theirs.

Oh, by the way..I do own a 'little black dress' and will take it and will even wear it, but I might be screaming and kicking the whole time ;0)
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