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Default Save me a seat!

This folks, is my gripe. Whether it is on the deck or in the theater - it drives me nuts. I don't care if a fellow saves a seat for his wife or a kid but to save a fricking row of seats! On the Enchantment, at a Bingo event, this fellow had spread papers on no less than 10 or 12 seats up front. I walked up, with wife and son, picked the papers up and tossed them. The guy came over and said that he was saving the seats and I told him he couldn't save seats - read the Compass. He made some smartass comment, picked up the rest of his papers and left. It is necessary to confront such morons head on - that's the only way to put the screws to them. I'm sorry, but I just can't save seats - I would for my wife but that is it - when folks ask me to save seats, they are asking me to impose on others and I will not do it.
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