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Default RE: Now I know!

I hope you have a great cruise....It is just wonderful, inspite of the problems we talk about....I just responded to "cruise gripes be gone"...take a look.

I would suggest that you request a dining table for 2 (or whatever your group size is)....the biggest problem I have found is being seated at dinner, day in day out, with people I don't care for. On my last cruise, they gave us a table for 6 anyway...but it was made up of people who asked for tables for was the table next to us...and we asked them to move down and join us.... I guess the point being, we all wanted the same thing so had more similarities than we would have been with without this request.

I was on one cruise that my tablemate was so objectionable, I had trouble eating...
the last nite we talked and I found out why he was so I understood, but it was the LAST nite...

You did hit the nail on the head.... What line are you going where....maybe
we can give you some detailes. Bon Voyage...It is GREAT!!!!
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