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Default RE: Now I know!

It sounds FANTASTIC....I believe it is pretty standard that they don't assign the cabin until the last minute....there is an option to select your cabin at booking, but it costs MORE!! With a veranda how bad can any cabin be?? !!!!!!

Don't be afraid to use room service to bring you snacks while you sun on the deck. It's free...just a small tip.

Have you discussed a table for 11 with them???...From the ships I have sailed, the tables are for 10....or you could get 2 tables of 6....who knows, there maybe talbes for 12...but I would be sure to check it out in advance.

I would suggest that you bring water shoes...and snorkeling gear...and put a bottle of rubbing alochol in a zip lock bag....should anyone get a jellyfish sting, it will take care of it immediately..... I carry this, and have never used it.

Your long awaited cruise will be all that you have been waiting for!!!!
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