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"These are the Same people who cut in line as if they are the most important people on earth" - This made me chuckle; we booked a one-week cruise out of New York on Zenith [Celebrity] for our 40th anniversary - an extra cruise; our 10th. New Yorkers are a breed apart, let me tell you. After embarkation we headed up for lunch, and overheard -probably 50 times - "We expect 'preferencial' treatment" and "I think we're suppose to get 'preferential treatment' " and " As 'preferential treatment' do you suppose we're suppose to get at the front of the line?" I don't know who had told these folks that - but there were 1200 + passengers ALL expecting 'preferential' treatment -that is WHY they were on a cruise! We just giggled - until we ran into a group of these same folks on a bus headed back to Hamilton, Bermuda -and abusing the bus driver with loud, boistrous & rude talk [ these were NOT youngsters - they were all OVER 70 - from New York.] After "Hey, Hey HEY -WE wanna get off at da ship!" we looked at each other and decided to ride the bus an extra two blocks or so and hike back [down hill] to the dock area. It was funny -because, unbeknownst to us -5 OTHER couples had the exact same idea - we all hiked back to the ship laughing! Never again -sail out of NEW YORK.............
Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of terrific people from New York who know how to behave in public - but, on this ship, last June - they were by FAR, in the minority. We had lunch with the couple that had arranged for a very large group from a retirement area. HE said "Never again!" .........
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