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Lois Schwartz
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Steiner Ltd. has the contract on MOST cruise lines to supply personnel for the beauty salon and spa.

I usually begin every cruise with a massage (sometimes a facial as well).

My last two experiences with Steiner's (on the Princess and HAL) have been AWFUL.

1. They overcharge for their services. A one hour massage at home is approximately $60. Steiner's charges $99 for 50 minutes.
2. The personnel Steiners assigns to the cruise ships are inexperienced in their craft.
3. When you receive a facial (I had a package deal of massage and facial for $149), the last 15 minutes of the facial are a HARD SELL of their overpriced products. There I was stark naked -- with no where to go, being sold over $400 in product. By the way, I was told the expensive product I currently use looses it's effectiveness after 6 months of continuous use.
4. You may have paid for 50 minutes of service, but receive much less time after you undress, dress, are sold product, and finish your welcoming chit chat.
5. Disagreements with the spa charges on your bill are NOT supported by the cruise line purser. You are told to work it out with Steiners, since they are a concession and the cruise line has no control over disagreements with their products or services.

I am wondering how many others have been dissatisfied with the beauty salons and spa treatments on board. I have learned my lesson. GET THE MASSAGE OR FACIAL AT HOME -- BEFORE YOU GET ON THE SHIP.
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