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the 6.50 per day is for the DR waiter and bus boy combo, this is due to the new policy of eating where you want and with whoever you want as opposed to set DR times and tables, it doesn`t include anyone else,eg. room stewards, head waiters etc. we were on the xmas sailing of the Ocean Princess and this new plan wasn`t in place yet, thank goodness, I strongly object to adding tips automatically before you even know if there is good service and would advise everyone to have these tips removed by the pursers office, it gives no incentive for the staff to give good service as we found in the open seating policy for b/fast and lunch.....very lacksadaisicle(sp) I prefer to hand my tips personally to whomever I decide to tip, having them charged to your sign and sail card does not guarantee them getting to the right people, ...jean
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