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Was on the Enchantment and had a $100+ facial. At the end, of course, she tried to sell me over almost $400's worth of products. I told her I was very happy w/ my Elizabeth Arden Cleanser line and Make-up line. She had nothing bad to say about that line as she did w/ Lancolm & Cliniec. But I wasn't free and clear, she asked me how long I have been using that line and I told her for several years. She replied, "you really should switch skin care lines after about 3 years." So, I kept my mouth shut(keeping this 3 year pitch in mind) of course w/ an idea in mind. As time passed, I said, " so, you're very happy w/ your products, that's great! How long have you been using them". Catching her off guard, she forgot what she had said to me, "she responded by saying 5 or so years". Well, of course I replied and said, "I thought one is suppose to switch lines after 3 or so years." Needless to say, she felt like an idiot while stumbling to come up w/ another rediculous line. Of course, I bought nothing...I finished listening to her selling speach, I tipped her and politely said thank you, it was a great facial and left.
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