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Default Re: save it ,and I will sit on it.

I should have pointed out that most of the pax on my cruise were 70+ years, boy can old folks sit!! Not that I blame them for the sitting and relaxing, I hope to be that old too some day. But, they would save their chairs, go to breakfast, lounge, go to lunch, lounge, etc. Even sleeping for hours - don't they have cabins to nap in? I agree about saving your chair for a run to the potty or to get a drink, but all day? I did complain to the steward on the pool deck, who shrugged and didn't seem to want to get in the middle of the chair wars. Glad I had a balcony, spent lots of time there. I think the cruise lines should make this policy clear from the first day aboard. If towels started being picked up immediately, I think the "policy" would then be evident.
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