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Babe Ruty
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Default Re: NCL Freestyle Cruising

Sounds like this is a new concept that has "kinks" to be worked out before it works well. Been on NCL (the Dream and Norway) before this came up (at least for the Dream). But anyone can figure out that Freestyle dining is going to require more restaurant space to work well than the two-seating dining does. And the Dream had a rather crowded dining room as it was. And it sounds like the new NCL ships have used the needed extra dining space for "extra cost restaurants". Oh well, we all need to remember that NCL is classified as a "budget" line. All its ships have rather crowded passenger to space ratios, and many of the rooms are mere closets. And their passenger to staff ratios are nothing to write home about either. You save a couple of hundred compared to HAL, RCI, etc. --- and many hundred compared to Radisson, Seabourn, etc. --- and it shows is crowding and diminished service.
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