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Tony & MariLynne
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First, I would like to say that you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. My girlfriend went topless only once and only to "do as the natives do". She usually keeps covered. It was in an adult only area where no one was forced to be and as a matter of fact, I'm sure that a few of the guys that took a quick check of the deck were happy that she and the one other much younger girl were brave enough to do it otherwise they would have been disappointed. Me, I am secure enough in our relationship that I don't worry about her baring her breasts in a suntanning setting. In fact, I am proud that she had the balls to do it. It happens all the time all over the world. Her opinion is that her boobs are just a part of anatomy and it is our own prudish attitude and sense of shame that covers them. She points out what is the difference with a man going without a shirt? A tit is a tit is a tit, male or female. Some obese men have boobs almost as big as hers (sorry dear for the small size comment). I am sure that most women would try it if 1. they were secure in their own mind, and 2. if they didn't fear repercussions from their insecure mate.
Ladies out there, please chime in...lets start an interesting discussion thread.
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