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Default Re: Sail & Sign cards stink

Sorry Thomas, can't go with you on this one. The S&S card is by far the most efficent way of handling transactions like this. Yes there are many people that would steal you cash if you leave it laying about. May be a shocker for most people, but there are loads of crooked people running around out there. This is also the reason you SIGN for your drinks, that way the barwaiter can't swipe your card twice and nobody can just use your card, you have a signature to prove it was or was not you that made the purchase. Believe me, you would be shocked to see the number of people that 'swear' they didn't buy this or that and when shown the reciept say they must have forgotten. I agree that the cabin # needss to be taken off the S&S card and that is a suggestion that maybe CCL people will see either here on this site or you can make in the comment cards. CCL and other lines read these boards and are always willing to improve their services if they can. You also have to take into account the problem that Pamda pointed out, all that cash all over the ship and the servers trying to make change! What a nightmare!
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