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Still think the problem is the "I'm on vacation and nothing is going to spoil it". I've seen fathers heft their kids up over others in line and put them in front because "My kid has been looking forward to this and nothing is going to spoil it". Or "My wife and I have to dress for work, now we are on vacation and nothing is going to spoil it". To picture the Disney Wonder, go to the Magic Kingdon's Main Street at high noon, throw a net over 2800 people and dump them on the ship.

I've had people tell me not to worry about what they look or smell like. Good point, except when I have gone to the effort to carry the requested dress aboard, take a bath and change from my comfortable grungies. I have to admit the people on Sovereign of the Seas that left wearing the same shorts and tank top they came aboard in looked happier then me. Of course I didn't get to do what they did, or drink what they did, or smoke what they did.
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