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Default Cozumel - not to impressed (Carlos & Charlies)

well, we gave the "recommended" restaraunt a try last week... after they put a fake cockroach on my sons plate and then some type of buzzing toy by my ear and the people giving all the party animals their "shots" and shaking the boobies on the girls... oh my.... we were out of there within 3 minutes ! Someone should post this is definitely a PARTY PLACE.... not a FAMILY PLACE !!

We are pretty particular where we eat stateside as far as cleanliness, etc goes... imagine the shock of the cockroach... not a fun event ! I wish we had been warned & we would NEVER have gone there as a family !

Fine for those of you partiers, not fine for family members of assorted ages...

to each their own, I guess.... we went to Fridays up in the new mall... it was better for us !
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