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Default Re: Fed up about potty rules!

Hi, Martin ...

It's been a while since I had small children (the T-Rex was just coming into favor at the time) but back then, you couldn't send your child to pre-school if he or she were not potty trained. Of course, TWO was the age to train the little dragons back then. If one had a kid over, say, two-and-a-half still in diapers someone would look down a nose and say, "You mean he/she is not potty trained YET?"

I do have to say that if anyone ever washed cloth diapers, there was a huge incentive to get the kids out of them and turn the diapers into dustcloths.

Times change.

It doesn't help you, but I believe that Celeb has kids' programs 52 weeks a year. They do an excellent job. There were 250 little darlings on our Thanksgiving cruise and you'd barely know there were kids on board. Except for two of them -- whom I would cheerfully have executed along with their parents.

Personally, I don't think that cruising with a toddler (or an infant) would be much of a vacation. It's hard to "vacate" when you have your own personal limpet.

I love children (I'd better, I have four of them) but I tend to agree with others that a cruise ship is not the best venue for them. My opinion, don't hit me too hard.

Again, times change and family cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the industry.

Now that I've had my infamous Monday morning rant (a different subject each week, stay tuned) I'd say take a good look at RCI or Princess.

And I do understand your frustration.

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