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Default Re: Fed up about potty rules!

Carnival absolutely changes diapers, only line that does. We've sailed twice on Carnival with our young children and have had the time of our lives and once on the Grand Princess and have had the time of our lives! Carnival changes diapers, Princess beeps you if and when they need changed. Both lines take kids 2 and up.

Please visit the family cruise board here (under chit chat for cruisers arrow), the family vacation board at Parent's Place on ivillage, and other boards. Cruising is IDEAL for young families and for families with infants. Waiters and staff DOTE on kids. Unlike this board, irl, people go their own way on the ship and mind their own business. Cruising is a great way to enjoy time as a family and a little time to yourselves. I did a full web page/review of our cruise on the Grand Princess that I will gladly email you the link to if interested. I don't want to post that here for obvious reasons . My youngest was trained though at that time even though he was 2, but my oldest didn't train till a month shy of 4. You are doing well letting your child lead his or her own training, good job.
As someone said in a previous post, family cruising is the largest growing segment of the cruise industry. People want to get away WITH their children, enjoy playing with them on great beaches, pools, and watching them see new and facinating things, and yet have SOME time to enjoy themselves too. Cruising is a vacation for everyone. Pick either Carnival or Princess and you will have a wonderful time. I don't know if RCCL will page for diaper changes or will just not accept untrained kids. More lines than Carnival SHOULD change diapers, esp given changing cruise passenger demographics. This is a valid gripe, and Celebrity has lost our cruise $$ to RCCL this time and next for their less than par kids program rep. LISTENING CELEBRITY REPS????????? BRAVO CARNIVAL!

We've gone on 5 cruises so far, will be up to 7 by the end of this year. We got hooked on our honeymoon, saw then how much families could enjoy themselves onboard on our 2 cruises prekids, and have taken the kids with us on every cruise since they were born, first family cruise when oldest was 17mos, and I was 7 mos preg, next when we had them at ages 3 and 19 mos, and last year at ages 4 and 2 1/2. This cruise they will be 5 and 3. Look at all your cruise options and you will find the right ship for your family for this cruise.

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