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Default Re: Potty Rules for the older crowd

Just so you don't judge me, I am a nurse who works in a nursing home - I take care of those wonderful people every day....what you said and the way you said it offended me to the core - I don't hate kids, in fact I love them, I just wish their parents would realize that there are times when others, for whatever reason, don't want to have to deal with other people's children. For the greatest part, cruisers are very tolerant of others; and we all love to see well behaved children - and their parents who follow the rules by not letting kids in diapers in the hot tubs, etc. Yes, these incidences are rare, but they do happen. And when it does happen, an apology would be nice, not the "well I paid to be on this cruise and I paid for my little darling to be here, so little darling can do what they want, when they want and I don't care what the posted rules and common courtesy are." I am sure your kids are well behaved and you are supervise them vigilantly, but you have to admit there are parents out there who don't and THAT is where the conflicts arise from. Agreed?
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