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Default Re: Potty Rules for the older crowd

Mike wrote:
The simple logic is that the ships
> that are on the drawing board today are for a new breed of
> cruisers. Ice skating, roller blading and rock climbing are
> not for seniors. I am not trying to hurt anyone, just
> stating a fact. My kids who have been on three cruises are
> the future for the lines which make huge profits. Am I wrong?

There's only one cruise line presently building the ships you talk about Mike.. Royal Caribbean. Great family question. They are NOT however making huge profits. They're courting a merger with Princess cruise lines because they are cash poor.

There is no question some of the cruise lines are targeting the family audience at the moment. But....
Aside from the "rock climbing" ships there's lots of new ship construction going on targeting other market segments as well.

Kuki.. thinks each cruiser should find the cruise line that suits their needs.. rather imposing their needs on ships that dont conform to them
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