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Default Re: Identity Crisis ????


My husband Mike was the one that made the above posts. I sometimes post on these boards too and my name was on the posts w/out him realizing it.

Thankfully most people with this problem DO things to help themselves. I have known a couple people though that didn't. My husband's elderly aunt for a long time pretended that she didn't have issues with incontinence, and wet my inlaws beds, chairs, car, etc when she came to visit. After the second time of cleaning up after her, my inlaws INSISTED on depends for her if she was to visit. His aunt is one of the nicer members of his family, but even I have to admit she reeks at times. I can only picture what it would be like to have someone in denial like that on a cruise at my table. With babies, parents are keenly aware of when a diaper needs changed, pull the child away, change the diaper and clothes if needed, since lets face it, no diaper is leak proof, and the smell is gone. If an older man or woman has an accident on formal night, and has also experienced a leaky sanitary product, how likely are they to take off their formal attire? They will most likely put on a little extra cologne, esp if their clothes only got a "little" on them and weren't soaked.
No, it wasn't my characterization with the droopy depends, but my husband does have a point that if someone does not have good hygeine habits, the smell is not appetizing. The smell would be most noticed in the dining room being an enclosed area and a situation that you can't gracefully get away, you're stuck with the smell for the meal.

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