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Default Re: Identity Crisis ????

Read with interest all the messages. Got the point right away. Humor gets misunderstood very easily.
It did make me think of last year when we sailed the Magic. The little ones were a treasure. All big eyes and full of adventure. Yes there were ones who wouldn`t be my favorites to have over for dinner. But that`s life. What upset us the most was the parents dragging the little guys around the ship at all hours of the night. If someone drug me around when I was that sleepy, I`d make noise too.By the 5th and 6th days some of them were asleep on their feet.
Accidents happen to all of us. So we can`t say that we should act in a certain way. Sure would be uncomfortable with anyone in the pool in depends or huggies. Sure either group is wearing more than that.

hBut they aren`t going to be there forever. It is 7 days. With a ship as big as we sail in today there are alot of things to do. Too much time in the pool or hot tub is going to make you look like old geezers any way.
We leave on the Pride the 28th of September. That`s western route.We will have fun and not get wrapped up in what others are doing. If soggy depends come to the table we will deal with it. If droopy huggies come to the table we will deal with it. The thing is it`s my vacation and no one is going to spoil it. Last year the nuts of 9/11 didn`t keep us off the ship 18 days later, why should we let someone else do what they couldn`t do.
We love the adventure of life.We are not kids or fogeys. I am 56 and my wife is 49. Maybe to close to the middle to worry about such things
Peace out.
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