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Default Cruising Soon- May Return With Gripes?

Hi Everyone,

I'll be taking my first cruise with my husband aboard the Spirit on 3/27. Before we went to the TA we researched and had set our sights on other than Carnival. She had no problem talking into this cruise, saying that based on our ages (late 30's) and what we like to do - we'd be happy on this ship. The itenerary was what we wanted and it fit with when we wanted to be vacationing.

I love this section of the boards the best! You guys have not only cracked me up, but you've given me great advice as I've read everything here since we booked. (also all the other sections and everything I can devour)

The many Carnival bashers have made me a little concerned! Not only here - but over on the usenet cruise newsgroup. Holy cow... the descriptions of hairy sleeveless men guzzling beer and belching while wearing flip-flops on formal nights.... and the "trailer park" image some give Carnival - well - it really makes me wonder!

Why don't I hear much about the Spirit? We'll be cruising over Easter and I've found out our Easter Sunday spent in Barbados will pretty much be a bust as most things will be closed. No worries, we intend to have fun regardless.

This may be the wrong area to post all this- if it is... please gripe on me and I will take it elsewhere

We booked cabin 8180 , cat 8I. I've found a few others on this same cruise in other sections here.... but there seems to be less talk about the Spirit than the newer Pride or even the other Carnival boats. Any ideas why?

Anyway - I soon hope to be a cruise addict, like the rest of you. Do you think we made a bad choice? Cruising over Easter with no kids.... will the boat be full of kids? Will I be coming home and posting a list of gripes here? <g>

Sorry to be so wordy - I just wanted to say hi and thank you all for your endless advice and for making me smile as I read your threads.

Counting the days 'till we're on board....
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