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Default Re: Cruising Soon- May Return With Gripes?

No one else is going on your cruise except for you, 78 hairy chested, beer bellied guys, 300 screaming toddlers and the rest ladies from Florida all in their 90's. They will be improperly dressed for all meals, hog chairs , hot tubs and slot machines. The food will be inedible, the service will be unacceptable (except for the towel animals you will find all over your room each night). The boarding will be slow due to everyone not filling out documents and trying to smuggle on 17 six packs of beer in their carry ons.You will be beseiged by photographers , will over pay for services and shore excursions and will otherwise have a miserable time. NOT.

If you took this board seriously, the above would be your cruise.
Something like 6 million people will cruise from North American
ports this year and cruising has about the highest repeat business
in the world. That said, Carnival is the Number one cruise line.
They must be doing something right. Go, Enjoy. Don't let little things bother you and if something isn't right speak up. There are 1000 crew members on your ship whose goal is that YOU have a good time. Happy Cruising. Let us know when you get back how soon you will be booking your next cruise.
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