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Tom Levesay
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Default Honolulu to Tahiti on Princess

Recently sailed on the Princess from Honolulu to Tahiti.
The original schedule called foa a day on Christmas Island. This stop was to break up five days at sea. Two days before the cruise left, I was informed that the ship wpuld not stop at Christmas Island due to damage (by a storm) on the dock. Tenders could not dock there. We found out later that they new since November regarding the dock situation.

since we are not stopping at Christmas - we should gain a day somewhere else. Two days at Bora Bora would be nice. But what did they (Princess) do? They slowed the speed of the ship (save fuel) and we gained no extra time at any port. And we had five straight days at sea.

So much for the Princess Class Experience!

I must admit that everything else went fairly smooth (except shore excursion information - but thats a different story.)
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