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Default Re: Honolulu to Tahiti on Princess

I've been to Christmas Island and I really liked that stop and thought Princess really down played it too much, like why get off there is nothing there. I've read about the pier situation and it surprises me because they stressed to us that because of the islands location, they get rain but no extreme wind. They do have a real tricky tide situation and conditions have to be just right as it is quite shallow. Something about that reason just doesn't seem right to me, I'm going to look at my pictures and see if I have one of the area where we came ashore. I don't remember a dock, it seemed more like a seawall and then you were on hard packed land or concrete.

I've been on other Princess cruises where they couldn't stop and did not offer anything to make the situation sit better with the passengers. I realize they don't have to do anything if they change the itinerary but a little goodwill or PR can go a very long way.
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