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I have never had to pay for a nice place to eat on a cruise ship. Sometimes for us it is room service(24hrs.),or by the pool, buffet service and there is always the dining room(3 times a day) That being said there have been extras added to some new megga ships that were not there when we first cruised in 1984.What has not changed over the years is the standard things you pay for when you book the cruise.You now have a package store extra options for eating and activities but I can not find where there are all these hidden charges if you do you homework.As stated in the vacation planner of one cruiseline that has megga ships,"additional charges may apply to specialty restaurants",and on another page it says"the cruise vacation does not include air,transfers,items of personal nature,shore excursions,some beverages,photos,gratuities,medical service,etc.These items may be purchased separately."No where does it say one has to use the extra services(unless you get sick).There is pleanty of food and drink 24 hrs a day and no one is forced to just eat at a buffet and there is only one class of passenger which has the right to use the whole ship from top to bottom(not like the old 1st. class).If you are a first time cruiser then a good ta can fill you in on these things but doing the reserch before spending thousands has its rewards.
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