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Default Re: Potty Rules for the older crowd

I was once single and childless, and said OHMIGOD there are kids here! (wherever that was at the time, movies, dinner, shows etc.) NOW those parents have their revenge, I travel with MY 3 year old and I am 46, my hubbie is 51. sigh.
The difference is, WE know where and when to take her, hot tubs are definite no-no's, healthwise (dangerous high temps) as well as poop wise; as are fine dining rooms etc. Common sense rules. Our little darling can't go everywhere adults can. I mean we are not going to have a nice time if she ruins it for other people either, we will be too embarrassed and guilty so why subject ourself and others? More fun to do the kid friendly stuff with her, and try to get a night out or hot tub time when she's in the kid program.THAT"S why SPAS were invented.
I just hope to GOD they HAVE a good kids program on our Alaska cruise this Sept...Anyone been on the Radiance to Alaska yet?
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